If you're not a chirpy morning person, mornings are hard but winter mornings are even harder. The fact that you have to leave the warmth and coziness of your bed to face the day might not be easy to get accustomed to. Here are some tips that you can incorporate in your morning routine in order to have a productive day.

1. Have something to look forward to when you get out of bed

Cup of Coffee Near Croissant Bread 

like a hearty breakfast or a hot drink while you read your morning paper or do your affirmations for the day

2. Get yourself a light therapy lamp

Light therapy lamps can mimic natural daylight. You can set it up so it lights up like the sun rising in the sky at the time you wish to wake up. 

3. Drink some water

Clear Glass Jar With White Liquid Inside

Having a glass of water in the morning kickstarts your system! Also making a habit of having a glass in the morning might encourage you to keep drinking it throughout the day ;)

4. Don't check your phone straight away

Iphone on Table

Accidentally opening up tiktok or instagram in bed might increase the chances that you want to stay cocooned in your bed to scroll down your feed. Also your phone phone might be full of stressors or distractions and that is not the best way to start off your productive day. 

5. Journal 

Silver Iphone 6 Beside Click Pen and Card

Do you feel like you're trying to get your life together when you journal? When self-reflecting, I often feel like I want to face the day straight on to improve some of my actions from the previous days or to continue on the right path that I am on. Writing simple things like what I want to accomplish today or what is the definition of success for me really motivates me to go on with my day.  

6. Use the calm and darkness to stretch or meditate

Four White Ceramic Mugs on Brown Wooden Table

Remember I said mornings are hard, well workouts are hard too (unless you like working out) so morning workouts are a no for me but getting a good stretch in that requires minimum effort can be so liberating and comforting.

7. Make your mornings more simple 

Black and Silver Shower Head

Maybe for you that's picking your clothes the night before or showering at night so you can spend more time sleeping in the morning do whatever works for you.

8. Create a routine 

Reusable cosmetic containers for cream and shower gel arranged near various skincare products and perfume bottle on white marble shelf against beige wall with mirror in elegant bathroom interior

Try to create a morning routine that is simple and that you enjoy. Already knowing the steps of your routine can alleviate the stress of having to just rush through your mornings. Of course change it up from time to time if you don't like being in a plain old routine but try to keep some type of structure!


That is all for my tips to fight seasonal blues and chills, do you have any tips or tricks to help with winter morning routines ?

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