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Luxe Dry Oil

Luxe Dry Oil

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Our Luxe dry oil is made with quality organic ingredients. Starring jojoba oil, moisturizing coconut oil and much more. It acts as a finishing oil, with a velvety feeling on the skin and an invigorating scent.


Scent Type:

Ginger, White Tea, Grapefruit

A fragrance blend of light citrus, jasmine tea and exotic spices. Boss Babe Energy is a mix of energizing grapefruit and spicy ginger. The kind of invigorating aroma that inspires you to rule the world.


Scent Type:

Roses, Sandalwood, White Grapes

A luxurious fragrance blend of bubbly champagne and fresh roses. The light and airy smell of fresh roses and fun and fizzy effervescent sweetness on a bed of ginger and white grape make the perfect combo to pamper yourself. Turn that self lovin' on and treat yourself!


Scent Type:


Vanilla, Musk, Coconut 

A fragrance blend of warm vanilla and sweet milky coconuts. The aroma is light and pleasant and will fill your room with an airy scent that gives straight-up tropical island vibes.



Scent Type:


Sea Salt, Vetiver, Clean Moss 

The Haïti Chérie candle is a luxurious fragrance blend of clean moss, vetiver and sea salt. This scent is truly refreshing and reminds me of my breathtaking native island. The beautiful beaches with tall palm trees and crystal clear water combined with vetiver grass create a lovely aroma.


Scent Type:

Orchid, Lychee, Agave

A fragrance blend of blooming orchids and sweet lychees. It's Gemini season and the birth month of tells self-care founder so we wanted to bring you a sophisticated candle that represents her! Strong beautiful orchids & Sweet lychees create a rich and poised aroma.


How to use:

Apply after showering, spray onto the skin and massage until fully absorbed. 

The luxe dry oil acts as a perfume on the skin.



Olive Squalane, Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil(jojoba oil), Cocos nucifera(coconut oil), Vitamin E, Micas, Fragrance oil, 


This product is made of creamy butters&oils. It is recommended to make sure it is fully absorbed into the skin so it does not transfer onto your clothes.

Store in a dry cool place. Do not refrigerate


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All orders are FINAL SALE 

Due to sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges.We understand and appreciate the fact that you are including our products in your Self-Care routine. We want you to be satisfied with your order so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please write us using the contact form

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